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Public Relations, Information, and Awards

This Committee shall be responsible for promoting the public image and public relations of school psychology in the state.  This Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the Board individuals who have contributed significantly to School Psychology and who should receive an Award or Honorary Membership from the MSPA.  The MSPA Board of Directors must agree with the recommendation and, upon a two-thirds vote in the affirmative, the Award shall be approved.  The Award and Honorary Memberships shall be presented at the Annual Business Meeting.

Contact:  Ashley Niggl

Continuing Professional Training and Development

This Committee shall ascertain the professional needs of the MSPA membership.  This Committee shall propose and develop programs of continuing education to meet those needs.  After Board approval, this Committee shall implement the continuing education programs.  This Committee shall assist the Vice President and other Sub-Committees of the MSPA that are addressing any advanced training needs for School Psychologists. 

Contact:  Andria Amador 


This Committee shall implement and monitor the process for persons to become members of the MSPA.  This Committee shall keep up-to-date membership records.  This Committee shall report monthly to the MSPA Board of Directors on membership numbers.  This Committee shall attempt to inform all School Psychologists in Massachusetts of the value of MSPA membership and invite them to join the Association.

Contact:  Alyssa Alvarado


This Committee shall provide communication to the membership regarding MSPA activities and important issues in the field of School Psychology.  This is done mainly though the MSPA Newsletter.  This publication will be published at least three times a year.  Other publications and communiqu├ęs may be issued as needed.

Contact:  Gayle Macklem


This Committee shall be aware of and support current research in School Psychology.  This Committee shall carry out and/or encourage information-gathering in regard to School Psychology in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This Committee shall carry out specific tasks supporting research as directed by the Board.

Mental Health

This Committee shall be a liaison between the MSPA and the various Mental Health organizations and governmental agencies in the state, such as the Department of Mental Health and the Massachusetts Psychological Association.  This Committee shall keep School Psychologists informed about issues of mental health and School Psychology, including issues that involve interaction between School Psychology, the mental health system, and the Department of Mental Health.

Contact:  Craig Harris


This Committee shall keep members informed of technology issues as they impact the Association and the profession.  This Committee shall advise the Board of Directors in regard to how technology might be used to facilitate the work of the Association. in regard to data collection and information exchange.  This Committee shall collaborate with the Ethics, Research and Public Relations Committees in regard to how technology impacts their functions and responsibilities; in regard to appropriate and ethical use of technology in the field; in regard to the use of technology for the daily work of School Psychologists and for research; and in regard to appropriate uses of technology for public relations.  This Committee will maintain the MSPA Homepage, ensure that the contents are timely, that links are appropriate, that contents are accurate, and that queries are responded to promptly.  This committee shall be responsible for posting job opportunities to the MSPA website.

Contact:  Ronnie Guzman

Ethics, Professional Standards and Credentialing

This Committee shall receive questions and concerns from the Board and MSPA members concerning professional ethics and shall recommend appropriate action to the Board.  This Committee shall promote best practices and professional standards for School Psychology within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This Committee shall work with credentialing and accreditation agencies to promote standards that will foster excellence in training, certification, and licensure.  This Committee shall keep the membership and Board informed of current NASP and APA standards.

Advocacy and Legislative Action

This committee shall monitor any and all legislation that relates to school psychology and follow up on appropriate legislation to address concerns approved by 2/3 majority vote of the board of directors.  This Committee shall work for the approval for such bills (legislation).  This Committee shall advocate equality of opportunity, equal access to services and employment for all, regardless of sex, race, creed, language status, age, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identification, and gender identification.  This committee will advocate for the safety, social-emotional health, and educational needs of the children of the Commonwealth.   This Committee shall address the issues pertaining to the ability of School Psychologists to participate in private practice in Massachusetts including licensure, liability insurance, and payment for private practitioners.  This Committee shall address the issues of third party billing for School Psychologists.  This Committee shall address governmental issues, such as policy decisions and interpretation of legislation, as they pertain to School Psychology. 

Contact:  Barbara Miller


This Committee shall plan, execute, and coordinate conferences and workshops   This Committee shall include a time for  the Annual Business Meeting during the Spring Conference.  This Committee shall coordinate these activities with the Vice President, Continuing Education and Development Committee, Treasurer, and other appropriate Officers and Committee Chairs.

Contact:  Andria Amador

Records and Archives

This Committee shall be responsible for collecting, organizing, and maintaining archival records for the Association.

Contact:  Lou Kruger


This Committee shall be the liaison between the MSPA and the various educational organizations and governmental agencies in the state, such as the Department of Education, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the American Federation of Teachers, Principals Associations, School Committee Associations, PTAs, etc.  This Committee shall address educational issues relevant to School Psychology.


This committee shall encourage and recruit members of diverse backgrounds to the field of School Psychology.  This committee shall oversee that issues pertinent to School Psychologists from diverse backgrounds working in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are addressed by MSPA.  This committee shall advocate for the emotional and educational needs of children from diverse and urban backgrounds in the Commonwealth – in conjunction with the Children’s Services and Advocacy Committee.  This committee shall oversee the annual selection process of the Minority Scholarship fund sponsored by MSPA.  All matters regarding this scholarship will be in coordination with this committee.  This Committee shall represent the concerns of bilingual and minority students as they relate to School Psychology.  This Committee shall perform duties in order to oversee that the MSPA is responsive to minority needs.

Contact:  Jonathan Mari   Marquel Norton



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